Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Cavemen Vs. The Black Lips

I dont know if anyone else out there has ever noticed this or not, but I keep hearing curious similarities and musical common-ground between these two songs. Separated by 40 years, they share many of the same innocent fun rock and roll characteristics.
1st — I offer up a great ditty by Georgia's The Black Lips off their first album, Let It Bloom, way back in 2005: "Dirty Hands".

download or listen:

See what you think...
For inspiration, maybe these dudes we're listening to The Cavemen's 1966 recording of "A Small World"?

download or listen:
The Cavemen - "A Small World" - 1966

Here's some great video's of The Cavemen on The Mike Douglas show - Jan. 1967.
Shot Live in Philadelphia. Click here to read a great article written by the group leader Vic.

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