Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Last Respects - NYC 1993

This post is dedicated to my short-lived NYC garage band from the early 90's,
The LAST RESPECTS. We were a pretty international band with our guitarist, Rene Klassen from Holland, formerly of the 80's Dutch garage band, Just Colours. Masa Yasu on bass was from Japan. Adam our rockin' drummer was from NY and me on harp and vocals was an import from Virginia.
We only played a few shows, but had alot of fun jammin' on the 60's-punk sounds in the Big Apple when there weren't too many garage bands playing around the city at the time.
Here is a 5-song mix of what we sounded like:

download or listen:

Track List:
1. Boss Hoss
2. Magic Potion
3. Don't Count On Me (original)
4. Lost Innocence
5. Dont Ha Ha
Thanks for unearthing these pix Adam!

Live from Stella's-East Village NYC -1992


RPS said...

Do you people still speak to each other? (Just wondering.)

Matt said...

I keep in touch with drummer-man Adam who is now married w/ children and living in North Carolina. Thanks Facebook!
We have both lost touch with guitar-man Rene who moved to LA years ago. We also have lost touch with Bass-man Masa.

plar said...


I just want you to know that quite often I wail the shit out of this EP really loud in my car.

Good day

Matt Brown said...

That's the way to do it! THANKS!