Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ros Sereysothea Mix

So I discovered this pretty cool 60's garage comp recently that I've been digging - "Cambodian Rocks". I've heard about it, but never took a listen. Who would have thought? Cambodian garage! Turns out there are at least 4 volumes! But here, our focus will be what was found on the original volume one.
I have to admit, overall the Cambodian vocals took some getting used to, and of course I have no idea what they are saying, but who cares - the instrument tracks are pretty amazing.
Among the stand-outs are many cuts from a miss Ros Sereysothea. Her high-pitched voice with a rockin' band featuring distorted fuzz guitars, pumping organ and loud, driving drums, made for an intense, sometimes haunting and weird sound.
I've read Ros Sereysothea was the greatest Cambodian female vocalist who ever lived. (Really?) Unfortunately, we know little of her life story except through the music that she left behind. The little that we know tells us that her life was filled with heartache and that it ended in tragedy. She was a victim, like so many others during those years, but her memorable voice lives on!
Check the video below for the Cambodia Music Documentary, "Dont Think I've Forgotten"...

Dig it here! Listen/Download: "7-song Ros Sereysothea Mix"

Documentary film on Cambodia's 60's and 70's rock


icastico said...

If this sparks an interest...follow up on it here.

Whirling House said...

cool music, but a sad tale of tears