Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Lonesome Twang - The Nitro-Retro Country Mix

Not to overshadow the last-weeks-posted Nitro-Retro 2013 Summer Mix, I caught an old Waylon Jennings 1966 video  the other day that reminded me that after seven years of playing around with this blog, we've never paid our due respects to some of our all-time favorite 'classic' country music sounds. Inspiration sets in...
Now I'm no fanatic, but we do appreciate and enjoy some good ol' classic country, rockabilly and bluegrass music. It was hard to choose, and the mixes could be endless, but this here 15-song mp3 mix compiles some of our favorite country sounds we've dug over the years. So come on in and sit a spell!

Track List

1. Waylon Jennings - "Anita You're Dreaming" (1966)
2. Merle Haggard - "I'm A Lonesome Fugitive" (1967)
3. Porter Wagoner - "Satisfied Mind" (1955)
4. Johnny Cash - "Blistered" (1969)
5. Hugh Friar - "I Can't Stay Mad At You" (1959)
6. Jerry Hanson - "Doin' Alright"(1956?)
7. Rebel Rousers - "Red Headed Woman" (1959)
8. Conway Twitty - "Lonely Boy Blue" (1959)
9. Ernie Chaffin - "I'm Lonesome" (1957)
10. International Submarine Band - "I Still Miss Someone" (1966)
11. Flying Burrito Brothers - "Christine's Tune (She's A Devil in Disguise)" (1969)
12. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - "A Kiss Before I Go" (2005)
13. Ricky Skaggs - "Highway 40 Blues"(1983)
14. Dale Watson - "Still Carryin' On This Way (live)" (2010)
15. Deke Dickerson - "It Came To Me in A Dream" (1947)
15. Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks - "I'm An Old Cowhand" (1971)

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Tonypop said...

great great blog....
wonderful post about the twang guitar country..
it's not twangy but i love rubber room of porter wagoner.
greetings from italy