Monday, December 23, 2013

The Frowning Clouds Mix

These days, it's rare that I get excited about a 'new', or current garage band. But recently while popping around the music blog-oshpere, I ran across an album by these young lads from Australia, "The Frowning Clouds". Original tunes, while maintaining a truly catchy and authentic teen-garage sound. Chock-full of great echo and Back From The Grave-styled minor chords. We can debate, but I'm hearing some authenticity in recording/mix and sound quality that has not been seen since the first Gravedigger V album. The first 5 tunes here are off their debut album, "Listen Closelier". The second two are just as good, if not better, from a more recent release of theirs I found. The last track is sort of a 'bonus track' from a fellow Australian garage-band, "The Living Eyes" from the same scene as The Frowning Clouds. See more on Utube. ENJOY!

Click to listen, or download here:
The Frowning Clouds Mix

1. I Saw You
2. I'm Sad
3. Mean Old Girl
4. That Girl's Something Else
5. Purple Heart
6. All Night Long
7. Dame A Dozen
8. The Living Eyes - "Livin'"

**This just in! Dig This new offering from The Frowning Clouds! HERE.


Amblus said...

I've listened to this twice! Dig it!

Sky saxon said...

LOVE IT! said...

am really enjoying reading your well written articles=)