Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Songs We Taught The Daddy Long Legs

The Daddy Long Legs out of Brooklyn, NYC.
I was fortunate enough to catch these 3 beatle-boot wearin' lads performing live last weekend.
What a mind-blowing show.
Mind-blowing (or mind-melting) enough to make us to pay a little tribute here!
The long tall and possessed bullet-mic'd harp-blower shouter preacher man is from St. Louis. The Johnny Thunders-slide guitar pickin' geetar man is from Turkey, and the single stick and maraca pounding drummer man is from the big city.
So keep an eye out for 'em. They'll either save your primitive soul, or damn it all to hell!
This here Nitro-Retro mix we call, "Songs We Taught The Daddy Long Legs".

1. Little Walter - "Boogie"
2. Bunker Hill - "Red Riding Hood & The Wolf"
3. Sensational Nightingales - "Burying Ground"
4. Flamin' Groovies- "Comin' After Me"
5. Howlin' Wolf - You'll Be Mine
6. Dr. Feelgood - "Milk and Alcohol"
7. Leadbelly - "Bourgeois Town"
8. Flat Duo Jets - "Blues That Defy My Soul"
9. New York Dolls - "Pills"
10. Robert Johnson - "Preachin' Blues"
11. Dictators - "Faster Louder"
12. Howlin' Wolf - "Smokestack Lightning"
13. Jimmy Reed - "Jimmy's Boogie"


Morgan Young said...

Bitchin'. I'll keep my eyes peeled. And for the playlist...sublime.

Morgan Young said...

BTW, I just picked up a Bunker Hill single in Richmond when I was passing thru. Look for it On The Flip-Side soon.

Matt Brown said...