Monday, May 13, 2019

The Doobie Brothers 1971

Originally called "Pud", San Jose's Doobie Brothers got their start from 2 original members getting introduced by one Skip Spence of Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape. In the early days they attracted a strong following among local chapters of the Hells Angels. Why just check out the cover of their debut album from 1971! The Doobies look like a bunch of hippy punks, ala The Stooges! Who knew?! Too bad the cover pic didn't match the sounds within - But if you grew up listening to The Doobies hits like I did you may enjoy these chill, deep-cuts from that first album.
Dig "Travelin' Man" & "Greenwood Creek". (Click the links below)

Monday, September 17, 2018

1st-Ever Nitro-Retro Spotify Playlist

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"The 2018 September Playlist"


Friday, June 15, 2018

Masters of Apprentices Tribute!

Dig these 3 great songs from Australia's Masters Apprentices!


B-side to their first single, "Undecided" (see below)

*Here's what's left of the original lineup in 2015 doing "Wars or Hands of Time".
There's some onstage banter at first, the song starts at 4 minutes in...

"UNDECIDED" - 1966 

A-side to their first single. Big hit in Australia!


(promo film)

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Art & Sounds of Blue Note: JImmy Smith - Home Cookin' LP

Our 7-day tribute to the art & music of Blue Note Records comes to an end with the Hammond organ maestro Jimmy Smith. His "Home Cookin'" LP recorded in the great jazz-year of 1959 and released in 1961 is easily one of his best and a recommended starting places to experience Jimmy Smith. Dig "Messin Around.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Art & Sounds of Blue Note: Lou Donaldson - Alligator Boogaloo LP

Day 6 of a 7-day tribute to the art & music of Blue Note Records brings us to sax super-hero dude Lou Donaldson. He has butt-loads of classic Blue Note album covers (Good Gracious!) but the folks here at Nitro-Retro particularly like the "Alligator Boogaloo" LP released in 1967.
From Wiki: "...
The success of the title track surprised Donaldson: 'We made the date and we were three minutes short. I said we don't have no more material. And the guy said just play anything for three minutes so we can fill out the time. So I just made the riff and naturally the guys could follow it. That's the only damn thing that sold on the record!' DIG.


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Art & Sounds of Blue Note: Sonny Clark - Cool Struttin' LP

Day 5 of a 1-week tribute to the art & music of Blue Note Records brings us to jazz pianist Sonny Clark and his great "Cool Struttin'" LP from 1958. – Enjoy the memorable & catchy title track.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Art & Sounds of Blue Note: Sonny Rollins Vol.2 LP

Day 4 of our 1-week tribute to the art & music of Blue Note Records brings us to saxaphonist Sonny Rollins and his classic self-titled LP "Sonny Rollins Vol. 2" – maybe more famous for the cover art photo than the music within. Released in 1957, here is the first track on the album, "Why Dont I". DIGIT.


Joe Jackson paying tribute...

Sonny Rollins' landmark album Saxaphone Colossus was issued on Prestige Records
but the cover art was in the classic Blue Note style.