Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Raga-Rock Mix

HELLO out there!
In this post we will explore an interesting and short-lived sub-genre of the mid-60's rock and folk-rock scene. Some call it "Raga-Rock", others call it "eastern-influenced", "sitar-rock", "drone music", or just "psychedelic". In 1965-66 after The Beatles and other hipsters started flirting with Indian music and sitars, it was on. Here are some of our favorite examples. We kick off this big 20-song mix with the tune that got our raga-ball rolling and truly defines what we're talking about here. Southern California's
The Dovers amazing single from 1966, "The Third Eye" on the Miramar label.
(*Great article on the song here.)

Click to play or download >> - "The Nitro-Retro RAGA ROCK Mix."

1. "Swami Intro"
2. "The Third Eye" - The Dovers
3. "8 Miles High (Alt. version) - The Byrds
4. "Hashish" - Indian Puddin And Pipe
5. "Feel The Music" - Vejetables
6. "Egyptian Gardens" - Kaleidoscope
7. "Xanthia" - The Off-Set
8. "Swami" - William Penn Fyve
9. "I See You" - The Byrds
10. "Hideaway" - The Electric Prunes
11. "Grim Reaper of Love" - The Turtles
12. "East-West" - Paul Butterfield Blues Band (shortened version)
13. "Why" - The Byrds
14. "Looking Down" - The First Century
15. "See My Friends" - The Kinks
16. "Psychedelic Journey" - Mystic Tide
17. "Oh, Sweet Mary" - Big Brother & The Holding Company
18. "Love You Too" - The Beatles
19. "Free Advice" - The Great Society
20. "Mother Nature" - The Raves

Monday, June 15, 2015

Meet The Ar-Kaics!

Outta Richmond, Virginia - meet Kevin, Johnny, Tim and Patty. They play troglodyte teenbeat 60s-style punk. And now, here they are - keepin' it real, The Ar-Kaics! 

Click HERE to visit The Ar-Kaics Bandcamp site where you can buy downloads of their stuff!
- ALSO - Next time you are in the Washington DC/Northern Va area, check out guitarist Kevin's new shop in Leesburg VA.
DIG! Records & Vintage
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Save Your Soul!

Tonite we're gonna dish out 2 vintage soul tunes that we've been diggin'-on down here in the 'ol Nitro-Retro bat-cave.
The great Isaac Hayes instrumental - "Hung Up On My Baby"
Doris Troy's mod-soul classic- "Whatcha Gonna Do About It".
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dont Tease Me - ? & The Mysterians

Now for a tribute to the mighty Question Mark & The Mysterians.
This short little echo-laden ditty features a sweet Tex-Mex carnival organ riff mixed with an subtle, atmospheric lonely prairie guitar twang. On top of all that, dig Rudy's pleading rap about some girl teasing him and "getting under his skin."

Click to listen, or Download here: