Friday, March 27, 2015


Dear readers and listeners 
- Have a 6-pack on us! - 

DIG some obscure mid-60's madness & mayhem!
* WARNING! These songs will turn you in a insane lunatic *

6-Pack Song List:
1. Peck's Bad Boys - "Crazy World"
2. Midnight Angels - "I'm Suffering"
3. Chips & Co. - "Let The Wind Blow"
4. Sounds Unlimited - "Cool One"
5. Rock Shop - "Is That Your Halo?"
6. Gonn - "Come With Me"

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rock Stars on Motorcycles

It's Rockstars on Motorcycles!
As we anxiously anticipate the coming of Spring...
We've collected what just might be the greatest (bootleg) image collection of
rockstars-on-motorcycles you'll find anywhere.
(Let us know if we are missing any good ones!)
Starting with the one that got this going,
The 'King of Surf Guitar', Dick Dale on his bullnose Harley.

See if you can recognize them all!