Saturday, January 18, 2014

Danny Noie & The 4th of Never

After Phil Everly's passing a few weeks ago, we've had the Everly Brothers on the brain as well as the hifi lately. I've especially been diggin' those amazing harmonica-like harmonies the two brothers were born with. With that being said, we bring you the Nitro-Retro song of the week-
"Don't Follow Me" is the B-side to Wisconsin's Danny Noie & The 4th of Never's only single ("Dee Dee" = A-side) from the summer of 1966.
I'm hearing a hint of The Everly's here. Makes you wonder what The Everly's could have done with this song, during their days of trying to keep up with the mid-sixties. But, The 4th of Never do a great job of harmonizing with Danny Boy's lead vocals. Complete with a equally-simple jangly-folk-punk guitar solo. Dig it!

Danny Noie was maybe not the coolest-looking guy in town, but what a sound!

If interested, our hero, Danny Noie (with The Catalinas) also recorded a great rockabilly-ish, pre-british invasion tune.
- catch it on YouTube here!

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GaragePunk66 said...

Very cool record, kinda confusing as the record label says Winter Park Florida, there's a story there somewhere. Thanks for sharing.