Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Nitro-Retro Fall 2016 Dead-End Kid Mix

We had some down-time in the bat-cave to whip up this tasty 11-song mix of some various stuff we've been diggin' on lately. DIGIT.


1. Dead-End Kids soundbite intro
2. Mikey Baker - "Steam Roller"
3. The Poison Ivy League - "It's Alright With Me"
4. Chants - "Hypnotized"
5. Spats -"Gott Tell Ya All About It Baby"
6. Nobody's Children - "Girl, I Need You"
7. Creations - "Better Watch Out"
8. G.L. Crockett - "It's A Man Down There"
9. Howlin' Wolf -"Commit A Crime"
10. Dr. John - "Mama Roux"
11. Gary U.S. Bonds - "I Wanna Holler"
12. Rudy Ray And Moore Fillmore Street Soul Rebellion - "Put Your Weight Into It (Pt.1)"

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